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Through years of operation and exploration, FBD Logistics has accumulated a large amount of warehousing operation experience and formed a completed operation model. We provide full warehousing service for large e-commerce companies that specialize in battery powered goods. FBD is truly a one stop service center for e-commerce companies looking to expand their market. 

Our main client base specialize in batteries, hazardous goods, and high-value electronic products. In addition to their own independent websites, their sales platforms include online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart as well as retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

FBD Logistics is committed to providing high quality warehousing. Over the years we have adhered to a professional, large-scale, and technical management model to continuously reduce distribution costs, increase delivery efficiency, and improve service experiences for our clients. We provide our clients with supply chain solutions that integrate the management of: warehousing, orders, inventory, logistics, and distribution.

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